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Southwest Veggie Burger Wraps

This is more of a product review than a recipe (but I included the recipe too). Sometimes if I’m working a lot or feeling lazy, I want a 10-minute meal that is healthy and will fill me up. That’s where store-bought veggie burgers come into play. Sure it’s great to make your own patties but sometimes it’s just not possible.

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Spicy Soul Bowl

I am so excited to be back in my kitchen! I have been on the road for the past three weeks for work in New York City and then vacation to Europe (more on that in another post) and the one thing I couldn’t wait to do when I returned home was to cook. So much so that I woke up at 7AM this morning and went straight to Whole Foods (jet lag was partially to blame for this…) For lunch today I made myself a Spicy Soul Bowl and it was definitely spicy but really really good if you like a kick to your food.

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I’ve Been Traveling

I haven’t posted much in a few weeks due to traveling first to NYC to work for 10 days and now I’m on vacation in Europe (currently in Ireland visiting small towns across the country for 5 nights and then heading to Paris on Wednesday.) The food on these trips has been so inspiring and I’m constantly jotting down recipe ideas and things I want to write about when I return.

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Locally Sourced Dinner: Pesto Pasta & Vegetables

I am starting a new little series on the website featuring locally sourced dinner ideas & recipes. I cook dinner for me and my boyfriend as often as I can, choosing to eat on the rooftop of our apartment instead of dining out at a swanky restaurant. It has the best view in town with no wait and it’s much cheaper than the restaurants- plus I know where the food is coming from and how it was handled. When I post the Locally Sourced Dinner menus I’ll also post links to the recipes (existing and new) in case you want to try any of them. Bon Appetit!

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Sweet Green Smoothie

(Recipe updated Oct 8, 2014: I made this again this morning but swapped the fruit for apples (in season) and frozen pineapple- it was even better!)

This makes a very large, delicious green smoothie (I split it with my boyfriend in two 32-ounce mason jars).

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Dairy-Free Walnut Pesto

Who doesn’t love pesto? This recipe uses walnuts instead of pine nuts (gotta get those omega 3-‘s) and nutritional yeast instead of traditional cheese- perfect for anyone who doesn’t eat dairy. Grow some basil or buy a bunch at your farmer’s market or local grocer and make a batch of pesto! Whatever you don’t use you can freeze for 2- 3 months (store in freezer-proof bags or tightly sealed tupperware).

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Vega Chocolate-Banana Protein Shake

This was super delicious and it reminded me of one of those Wendy’s frosty shakes I used to drink when I was a kid- only this version is way healthier, plant-based and protein-packed. I know I said this on my last Vega post but I do not have any affiliation with them- I’ve just been trying their powders lately and loving some of the recipes I’ve been making, thus sharing them with you!

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Make Your Own Bottled Tea

I used to drink bottled tea like it was no one’s business (peach-oolong was my jam). And then I realized how much money I was spending on water (a free resource), tea leaves and a bottle. It also bums me out everytime I see aisles of pre-bottled tea, and then walk past a trash can filled with empty bottles. Those landfills aren’t going to empty themselves…

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